Basic Package

900,000 Ks

  • Offers touch screen and wireless POS software for restaurants including:

  • Menu order entry

  • Customer billing Transfer, Adjustment

  • Remote printing to Kitchen/Bar/Cashier

  • Table service/ Reservation

  • Daily /Monthly Reports, etc…

Addon Modules

Café POS Basic Package

900,000 Ks

  • In addition to the essential functions of the operation part of a restaurant business entering product purchases for bar items (cold bottles, tobacco, etc.)

  • It is a system that will be able to work together with product inventory adjustment and inventory check.

Kitchen Monitoring Module

350,000 Ks

  • Customer’s orders are sent directly to kitchen and displayed on kitchen monitor

  • Waiters can easily check the status of orders such as started cooking or in process or finished cooking etc…

  • Kitchen staff can send alert to waiters once customer’s orders are ready to serve.

  • Can track exact amount of time for a dish from taking order to finished cooking

  • Can calculate average amount of time that takes to finish each dish

Multi Currency Module

500,000 Ks

  • Offers to make transactions with multiple currency(Kyat, USD, SGD, Bath, Euro …etc.) in every entry forms and reports.

Tablet Module

700,000 Ks

  • Offers the features that can be performed by Android tablet

  • Taking menu orders

  • Printing menu orders directly to Kitchen/Bar/Cashier

  • Offering menu items to customers with pictures on tablet

  • Modifying menu orders as customers’ wish

  • Notifying cashier in advance for customer billing

Remote Copy Module

250,000 Ks

  • Consolidates the data and transactions of all branches at head office.

Additional Tablet License

170,000 Ks

  • Offers tablet application on one additional tablet for making entry and data transactions.

  • Suitable for the restaurants which would like to use more than five tablets in business.

Food Court Card Module

350,000 Ks

  • Offer prepaid card recharge, settlement & refund process from a single counter.

  • Food court module operator gets complete and accurate reporting of all counter sales and cash management.

  • Easily manage POS operations for large food courts

  • Supports single or multiple card issue counters

  • Card validity can be configured

  • Card deposit can be collected to cover card issue costs. Deposit will be refunded on card return.

  • Card can be re-charged with spendable amount any number of times by the customer.

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