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    The CafePOS System is designed to enhance operational efficiency in the Food and Beverage industry. It offers a comprehensive solution for managing various aspects of business operations, including Operation Management, Menu Management, Service Management, and Kitchen Management. With a user-friendly interface, it allows businesses to efficiently handle tasks such as order processing, menu updates, service coordination, and kitchen operations. This system is versatile and compatible with various devices, including Desktop PCs, Laptop computers, Android Tablets, and Android Phones, providing flexibility and convenience for businesses in the F & B industry.


    Basic Package

    1,000,000 Ks

    • Offers touch screen and wireless POS software for restaurants including : Menu order entry , Customer billing Transfer, Adjustment , Remote printing to Kitchen/Bar/Cashier , Table service/Reservation , Daily/Monthly Reports etc…

    Add-on Modules

    Café POS + Mini Stock

    1,500,000 Ks

    • In addition to the essential functions of the operation part of a restaurant business entering product purchases for bar items (cold bottles, tobacco, etc.) It is a system that will be able to work together with product inventory adjustment and inventory check.

    Tablet Module

    700,000 Ks

    • Offers the features that can be performed by android tablet , Offering menu items to customers with pictures on tablet , Printing menu orders directly to Kitchen/Bar/Cashier , Modifying menu orders as customers’ wish , Notifying cashier in advance for customer billing

    Additional Tablet License

    170,000 Ks

    • Offers tablet application on one additional tablet for making entry and data transactions. Suitable for the restaurants which would like to use more than five tablets in business.

    Kitchen Monitoring Module

    450,000 Ks

    • Customer’s orders are sent directly to kitchen and displayed on kitchen monitor , Waiters can easily check the status of orders such as started cooking or in process or finished cooking etc… , Kitchen staff can send alert to waiters once customer’s orders are ready to serve , Can track exact amount of time for a dish from taking order to finished cooking

    Online Reporting Module

    400,000 Ks

    • It is a module that allows you to easily view and check your shop's list and chart analysis reports online using the Internet using a computer / tablet / phone.

    Food Court Card Module

    350,000 Ks

    • Offer prepaid card recharge, settlement & refund process from a single counter. Food court module operator gets complete and accurate reporting of all counter sales and cash management.


    Area Management

    • Multiple dining areas , special rooms , tables setup. Can make table grouping by area(eg. First Floor,Second Floor,VIP lounge etc. Efficiently manage reserved tables, available tables , occupied tables by coordinating seamlessly with the floor staff for smooth and organized service.

    Menu Management

    • Unlimited menu categories , alercarte, set , special menu , set receipe for specific menu item, receipe changes on seasonal basic.. etc.

    Human Resource Management

    • Manager , Supervisor , Servers , Entertainers setup and performance target for each employee.

    Reservation Management

    • Facilitate table reservations for events and functions by managing and allocating table numbers accordingly. Ensuring efficient processing of advance payments and prompt entry of premium services and additional charges.

    Order Taking

    • Efficiently manage customer orders using order-taking mobile devices to seamlessly transmit accurate and timely information to kitchen and bar areas. Streamline communication to designated printers and monitors, ensuring a smooth workflow. Promptly capture and input comments such as preferences, adjustments, and special instructions. Efficiently handle modifications to set menu items, ensuring quick and accurate execution.


    • Calculate Service Tax/Government Tax/Room Charges , Calculate and Control FOC/Voucher Discount/Item Discount , Notify cashier in advance for customer billing , Can do Split/Merge billing , Can record Debit/Credit cards/Digital wallet payment , Can print bill from Tablet


    • Effectively manage sales promotions such as Buy X Get X, discount promotions, and actively monitor promotion sales to analyze and optimize performance, ensuring strategic alignment with sales goals.

    Customer Analysis

    • Proactively address the dietary preferences of diners, including gender, age, cultural considerations, and other specific preferences. Implement continuous improvements in menu offerings by promptly incorporating feedback and adapting to evolving customer preferences, ensuring a dynamic and responsive culinary experience.

    Kitchen Monitor , Queuing Monitor

    • Efficiently manage event guidelines and customer orders by swiftly processing and adapting to the dynamic nature of dining preferences. Implement a responsive system, especially for fast-food orders, that ensures quick and accurate fulfillment of customer requests, enhancing overall dining experiences.

    KTV Module

    • For Entertainment/KTV establishments, calculate room charges based on check in/out time. Facilitate bookings for entertainers, ensuring prompt entry of schedule details and processing commissions for entertainers.

    Fast Food Module

    • Touchscreen technology for fast-food establishments, ensuring seamless order processing. Utilize barcode systems for accurate order tracking and to minimize errors in order fulfillment.

    Food Court Module

    • Offer prepaid card recharge, settlement & refund process from a single counter. food court module operator gets complete and accurate reporting of all counter sales and cash management.  Easily manage POS operations for large food courts.


    • Cashier Report

      • Sales By Current Shift

      • X Report (Cash / Bank / Pay)

      • Amount Only By Invoice No

      • Reservation(By Each Invoice)

      • Revenue Focus

    • Sales / Operation Report

      • Sales (By Each Invoice)

      • Sales (By Shift)

      • Sales By Code (By Date)

      • Sales (By Foc)

      • Sales (By Code)

      • Daily Sale (With Amount By Category)

      • Sales By Day (With Amount)

      • Salesmen Commission

      • Kitchen Print History

      • Food Court Card Transaction Report

      • Food Court Card Sale Summary Report

      • Gift Card Sales

      • Gift Card Balance

    • Sales / Operation Analysis Report

      • Sales (By Hour)

      • Sales (Amount Only By Brand)

      • Sales (By Table / Area )

      • Sales By Day (With Qty)

      • Monthly Sale (With Amount By Category)

      • Sold Out Transaction

      • Sales (By Promotion)

      • Top Sales

      • Bottom Sales

      • Item Cancel Report

      • Merge Table & Transfer Table Report

    • Performance Analysis Report

      • Sales (By Salesmen)

      • Kitchen / Bar Performance By Each Invoice

      • Kitchen / Bar Performance By Code

      • Kitchen / Bar Performance Comparison By Day

    • Management Report (Cloud / On-premise)

      • Sales Log

      • Management Dashboard

      • Online Reports (Cloud)

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